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We welcome you to our blog of – Hello Blogger with open arms! We accept quality contents on topics that include the likes of – Business, Digital Marketing, Technology and Health. All of our bloggers who contribute to us on these topics have to go through certain terms and conditions. We want you to go through these terms and conditions very thoroughly before submitting any article for our blog. 


Author’s Terms & Conditions:

  • Your article must be genuine content, that is to say that you must have written the content by yourself. 
  • After you submit content, our editorial team would like to go through it. At Hello Blogger, we never give the assurance that we will publish anything that is under the sun. You must look carefully at the niches of our articles before submitting. 
  • If our editorial team thinks otherwise about the content, we shall then reject it at once. 
  • When you write a blog article for us it means that you are granting us the right to publish your article on our blog. 
  • We might take the liberty of distributing your content to multiple websites. 
  • At Hello Blogger, we review each and every article pretty thoroughly and we make sure your article doesn’t cause any legal problems. 
  • We use certain strong tools to check plagiarism. If we find your content is plagiarized, we shall reject it at once. 
  • We have the right to use advertisements on the webpage where your blog article is posted.
  • We never charge our writers for blog posts. You are free to submit any amount of articles and we give complete credit to your work for maintaining the credibility of the author. 

Publisher’s Terms & Conditions:

  • Before using our published content, you have to give proper citation to Hello Blogger
  • We respect the privacy of our authors and without our prior permission, you are not supposed to change any part of the content published on Hello Blogger’s website. 
  • Without our legal permission, we don’t allow you to sell our published contents. We take this issue pretty seriously. 
  • We have the full right to suspend your membership if we find you have used illegal methods to access any part of our website or have taken the help of any kind of software to write blog posts for Hello Blogger


  • We have a certain target audience in our mind and we use our blog posts only for the sake of information purposes. 
  • Under no circumstances whatsoever, Hello Blogger should not be held responsible for the misuse of any certain article. 
  • The information provided in the blog doesn’t merely reflect our views as it is written solely from the author’s perspective. 


~ If you can follow all these above mentioned guidelines, welcome onboard! We will happily accept you as a part of our thriving community of writers.