Is Omicron Spread Faster Than Delta? An Analysis

The omicron variant will spread faster than delta in India. And this new variant of COVID-19 will also attack the people who are already vaccinated

Is Omicron Spread Faster than Delta? An Analysis

The omicron variant will spread faster than delta in India. And this new variant of COVID-19 will also attack the people who are already vaccinated- Soumya Swaminathan (WHO’s Chief Scientist).

The official number of omicron cases in India is 1700. However, in reality, the figure can be more than 18000. Unfortunately, the number of positive cases is increasing after every passing day.

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Omicron in India:

According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, 33,750 people were affected by coronavirus last Monday. As per the ministry, currently, more than 1700 people have been affected by the omicron variant and the variant has spread in 23 states in India. Maharashtra (510) is on the top of the list. Delhi (351) is in the 2nd position.

The ministry also states that in the last 24 hours the total recovery case is more than 10,849. According to the ministry, 23,30,706 vaccines have been given in the past 24 hours and the total dose stands at 145.68 Crore.

As per the provisional report till 3rd January 2022, the weekly positive rate in India stands at 1.68 percent as well as the daily positive rate stands at 3.84 percent.


[ Note: From 3rd January 2022 the Indian Government will start vaccinating teenagers aged between 15 to 18 years.]

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Omicron will Spread Rapidly in India: Juliet Pulliam:

As per Juliet Pulliam, Director of the South African DSI-NSF Centre for Excellence in Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis, omicron will spread very rapidly in India.  In a recent interview, she provided some fruitful information related to this deadly omicron threat. In this health blog, we have tried to highlight some of her important statements.


Does Omicron Spread Faster than Delta in India?

As per Juliet Pulliam, omicron will spread faster than delta and this is because of the combination of higher transmissibility and immune evasion. Based on this point, she states that the omicron will spread very rapidly compared to the delta variant in India.


How to deal with Omicron?

To reply this question, she said that omicron will break all the records. Apart from this, she also added that in some countries, vaccines stop working and people must be prepared for the worst cases.


Will Vaccine Prevent the Spread of Omicron?

When the reporter asked this specific question to her, she said that it’s way too early to say this. However, as said earlier the vaccine stops working in many countries and it indicates a negative scenario.


India Decides to offer Booster, Your Opinion?

As per Juliet Pulliam, there is some evidence in the UK that the booster increases people’s immune systems. However, she said that the omicron variant suddenly attacks the children, and in India, vaccination for children has not started yet. As the variant spreads very rapidly, the Indian Govt must take the necessary actions to protect their people. And offering boosters to their citizens is a good decision taken by the Indian Govt.



That’s it. We hope till now you understand that the omicron variant will spread faster than the delta. So, you must protect your family from this threat. Always wear masks and strictly follow the CDC guidelines.


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