10 Best Business Apps In 2022

In this best technology blog, we are going to discuss the top 10 business apps that you can rely upon.

10 Best Business Apps In 2022

Best business apps have made a revolution in the world of business. The best business apps allow you to manage various aspects of your business, whether you are working from home or office.

As a business owner, the more you stay organized, streamline your process, the more effective your business will be. Fortunately, there are lots of business apps that you can use to enhance your business activities.


In this best technology blog, we are going to discuss the top 10 business apps that you can rely upon.


10 Top Business Applications in 2022:

In the rest of the guide, we have listed the best 10 business apps that will help you enhance your business performance.

  1. ShipStation
  2. Google Workspace
  3. FreshBooks
  4. Dropbox Business
  5. Microsoft OneDrive
  6. SOS Online Backup
  7. Skype
  8. Quickbooks
  9. Upward
  10. KoolSpan TrustCall

Continue reading this best technology blog and understand the features of these apps.


  1. ShipStation:

Do you want to sell ship products online? If so, then you need a time-saving e-commerce solution. For this, you can opt for The ShipSation app. By using this app, you can print shipping labels, track shipments, and many others.


Reasons to Use:

  • Through ShipStation, you can quickly custom shipping labels
  • You can expand your business on several-commerce platforms including, Shopify.
  • Facilitate the order process


  1. Google Workspace:

With Google Workspace, you can create presentations, docs, and spreadsheets. On top of this, via the Google Workspace app, you can share files among smart phones, tablets, and PCs.


Reasons to Use:

  • Provides ad-free and professional business experience
  • You will get a one-stop solution


  1. FreshBooks:

The FreshBooks mobile app allows you to set up automatic billing. Besides, by using this app, you can create a minute-by-minute record of your business performance.


Reasons to Use:

  • Converts estimates into invoices
  • Accept credit card


  1. Dropbox Business:

This cloud computing app allows you to sync files across multiple platforms. Apart from this, this mobile app gives easy access to all files.


Reasons to Use:

  • Offers flexible storage plans
  • Provide cloud storage of all essential files
  • Prevent data loss
  1. Microsoft OneDrive:

This best business app allows you to view as well as edit OneDrive files from your smart device. You can use this app on both Mac as well as Windows devices.


Reasons to Use:

  • Provides convenient file sharing
  • Prevent data loss
  • Offers reliable collaboration tools
  1. SOS Online Backup:

With this best mobile app, you can automatically backup your files online as well as it offers military-grade encryption.


Reasons to Use:

  • Offers 100% privacy
  • Provide secure online backup
  • Prevent data loss
  1. Skype:

With this app, you can chat anytime with your team members or employees from anywhere across the globe. Remember that this app is very popular. Hence, your client and team members know well how to use it.


Reasons to Use:

  • Offers free calls
  • Prevent easy collaboration
  • Provide reliable and trustworthy video conferencing, calling, and chatting
  1. Quickbooks:

Quickbooks upload real-time data and help you keep a track record of your finances. Besides, it connects to your bank account.


Reasons to Use:

  • Pay employees
  • Track profit and loss report
  • Monitor unpaid invoices


  1. Upward:

As a business owner, you have to hire employees with time and for this purpose, can use the Upward app. Bear in mind, this application helps you post job listings, shortlist applications and save your valuable time.


Reasons to Use:

  • Post your job listings on various platforms
  • Manage candidates
  • Directly communicate with applicants
  1. KoolSpan TrustCall:

This smartphone app encrypts text messages and encrypts phone calls without buying custom devices.


Reasons to Use:

  • Offers encrypted messaging
  • Prevent security breaches
  • Provides encrypted phone calls

Bottom Lines…

That’s it. In this best technology blog, we have discussed the features of the top 10 business apps that you can use in 2022.

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